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22 November 2022 - 24 November 2022

For this first-ever-live Europe wide get together, we want to ensure that each one of us will have a great time, while also staying safe to enjoy the full experience. We also want to go back home healthy after Thursday. For that reason, we ask that you comply with some simple COVID testing and instructions:  

Protect yourself – Protect each other 

Remember, this is not just about you! Associates should consider that there may be other colleagues who are vulnerable or who are returning home to care for vulnerable people.  

Please note that it is expected that all participants are either fully vaccinated and/or have immunity.  


Before you travel to Milan 

We request and recommend that you conduct a Covid antigen/rapid test within 2 days prior (you can expense the cost of the test). If you test positive, you should not travel. In that case, please also inform the organizers that you will not attend for medical reasons. Note that the cost of cancellation will not be charged to your credit card and will be borne by the organizers.   

During your stay in Milan  

Upon your arrival in Milan and every subsequent day of your stay COVID tests will be available for your daily use. As a gesture of social responsibility, it is expected that we will all take a COVID test every morning. Tests will be made available for you during the registration process.  

FFP2 masks will be provided upon your arrival, and you are welcome to wear them throughout the event. This includes while seated in the plenary and also in our evening events.  

Anyone testing positive should remain in their hotel rooms and isolate from all other associates. They should contact the security team by phone +44 7341 804844 and/or email at wonderlandsecurity@coca-cola.com , who will make arrangements for their welfare.   

Support and arrangements if you develop symptoms or test positive or get in close contact 

Those developing symptoms or testing positive during the course of Wonderland   

  1. will have to abstain from the live sessions and self-isolate 
  2. Should inform the organizing committee of their situation, by contacting the security team  
  3. will get any support needed (including medical) arranged by the team on site 
  4. arrange for your departure or prolonged stay depending on the circumstances  
  5. Remember, symptoms or a positive test does not just affect you, there are 1199 others.  


The current rules in Italy require a 5 day isolation period as long as you then have a negative test. Alternatively, isolation can last up to 14 days if you are still positive. 

Local regulations 

We are all guests in Milan and must follow the Covid rules in place at that time.  

Check with your airline or travel carrier for current rules on entry requirements to Italy.  

Further information is available on the Italian Government website Covid-19: travel information | www.governo.it 

For any further enquiries please contact wonderlandsecurity@coca-cola.com 

Please note that all the above is subject to any local regulation updates depending on how the Covid situation evolves. 

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